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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 5, 2011 8:00am-9:30am EST

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cage and talked to them. and i promised if i ever got my voice, i would try to be their voice. >> that's exactly what he's doing. he's their voice now. if you missed any part of today's show, check out my podcast. set your dvr 7:30 a.m. eastern. and as always, thanks for watching. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good morning, everyone. terror and tear gas in parts of libya where police clash with protesters trying to drive the gadhafis from the last part of the country they still control. cnn has correspondents reporting all around the region and we'll have live reports throughout the morning for you. after nearly two weeks of protests, the wisconsin governor follows through with his plan to layoff teachers. the budget is still in crisis, and the anger still simmering.
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the impact on teachers and states like yours coming up. plus, charlie sheen is taking his outrageous antics on the road. it's early and we're on it. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. i'm randi kaye. the average for a gallon of gasoline is now $3.49. it's much higher on the west coast. the average price is up 16 cents since this time last week and 38 cents since this time last month. we're all feeling the effects on the family budget. this recent rise just like the rise in the price of a barrel of oil is being pushed by the unrest in the middle east. but there is some good news on the economy this morning. new jobless numbers released just yesterday showed another drop in the unemployment rate. february's rate, 8.9%. that's the lowest we've seen, if you're keeping track, in nearly
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two years. first, let's get you caught up on the latest developments in the uprising in libya. now entering its 19th day as the north african nation moves closer to civil war. here's the newest video from the latest flash point of violence. zawiya, there is a back and forth battle. the fighting described as intense and deadly on both sides. an eyewitness in zawiya says three opposition fighters have been killed. tripoli is the stronghold for gadhafi and the scene for some of the fearest battles that we have seen between protesters and government forces. nic robertson joins me on the phone from tripoli. nic, i know you spoke with gadhafi's son saif. is there any indication from him that his father plans to step down at any point as the u.s.
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government is telling him to do so? >> reporter: i asked him exactly that. i said president obama has said your father lost the confidence of the people and he needs to step down. and he says the country needs him. he said, you know, if he was to go now and the government was to collapse, then the country would just turn into something like somalia. he's indicating moammar gadhafi is not going to step down. and the government is going to continue with its fight, he said. going to get to any reform, political agenda, meet the demand until the government's taken full control of the country, randi. >> and what about this strategic battle he talked about for the oil refineries? where does that stand? and what did he tell you about that? >> reporter: he said heir goith push to continue. the battle west of tripoli right
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now in zawiya and the battle in the east around brega, that area. he said these are battles that the government can easily win and they will win them. and contrary to what he told us last night that the battle in zawiya would be over right now and it was really just mopping up, that's not the case. it's what is the picture he's emerging that there'll be a battle at least. and the government's finding it much harder. they have heavy weapons, artillery. they haven't used those thus far, which seems to indicate they do want to limit civilian collateral damage to a degree. but it's not clear how much longer their patience will be and how much they will ratchet up in the heart of the city their military campaign. because at the moment they don't appear to be doing very well. >> how confident would you say the opposition is? >> reporter: i think they are determined. they know what they're fighting
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for, whereas the government soldiers are a little less clear about what they're fighting for. for example in zawiya, they have nowhere to break out, no other sort of rebel force. and really, if the government lay siege carefully and strategically, which so far are not managing to do. and the rebels know their battle there would be limited. but in the east of the country, it's a different picture. the rebels are holding on to a large block of territory. and if they can continue to do that and keep the government forces out, they can turn this into a very long war. randi? >> nic robertson reporting from libya this morning. thank you, nic. in other news, i've got a new picture of congresswoman gabrielle giffords this morning. shows the congresswoman meeting with two of her supporters in tucson shortly before the shooting. she's there with jim and doris
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tucker in that picture. jim tucker was one of 13 people wounded in the attack. his wife doris was not injured. the man charged with shooting giffords and others is facing a new indictment. they have added to the chargers. he's now charged with 49 counts, including murder, attempted murder, and attempted assassination. this carries the possibility of the death penalty. loughner is expected to be arraigned on wednesday. police have identified two more suspects in the killing of an american who was shot while crossing a lake that straddles the u.s./mexico border. david hartley you may recall was killed last september. >> we have now four suspects in that case. i believe there's about seven or eight shooters. we've identified about four of those individuals. >> the four suspects are all known mexican drug traffickers. david hartley's wife said men in
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boats opened fire on the couple while they were riding jet skis. the killing technically took place in mexico and the lead mexican investigator was murdered. in wisconsin, layoffs could be on the way. governor scott walker sent out warning letters to unions. he said massive layoffs are coming in april if the deal is not reached soon on a new bunch. senate democrats are blocking a vote on the budget which would eliminate collective bargaining rights on public employees. many are watching how this one plays out as they look for ways to cut their own budget. and three airport security screeners will get to keep their jobs even though they let a passenger board an airplane with three box cutters in his carry-on luggage. it happened at new york's jfk airport last week. the box cutters just happened to fall out of the man's bag when he was putting them in the overhead bin. the plane was delayed for three hours while everyone was rescreened. the tsa said the screeners who
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missed the knives will receive more training. a small michigan town is mourning over the shocking death of a high school basketball player. the season was on the line when the 16-year-old hit a winning lay-up for the blackhawks last thursday night. he collapsed, though, just moments later. his heart stopped beating. an autopsy reveals he died of cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart. >> we're shocked. our granddaughter has known him since the sixth grade. the whole school is in turmoil over this. >> i had to get up this morning and tell my 10-year-old that his hero passed away. that was very hard to do. >> so sad. a facebook memorial page was created for leonard and quickly filled with thoughts and prayers. blackhawk down is what one person wrote on that facebook page. it's a reunion 57 years in the mach iking. this is alvin junior and senior,
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you can guess which is which, i'm sure. they haven't seen each other since the early 1950s. but neither gave up hope of seeing each other again. >> we've been away a long time. but thank god we're back together. >> senior's other son roy actually found junior's picture on facebook. turns out they were practically neighbor all this time. senior lives in tennessee and junior nearby georgia. it's an important change in the law that you should know about this morning. in many states, you now have to keep your child in a booster seat for a few more years. we'll tell you how long. and my, how times have changed. forget clipping coupons, call up a deal on your mobile phone. sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible,
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satellite lost during launch over the south pacific. the rocket carrying the new satellite into space did not make it into orbit. nasa said it was a problem with the cover that protects the spacecraft. but listen to this, it's a $400 million glory satellite. yes, that was supposed to find out how the sun and tiny atmospheric particles affect the earth's climate. $400 million. just $400 million. 11 minutes past the hour. you hear reynolds wolf here in the background. $400 million. >> yeah, that's a pricey firework. >> you would do it for a lot less. you could find out about those atmospheric particles for much less. we are talking about rainfall. plenty of it forming across parts of the midwest, south of the great lakes also. including this spot. cleveland, ohio.
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we actually have a live image from cleveland right now where the situation is a rainy one. a lot of clouds rolling on through. the watches and warnings for parts of cleveland will extend southward in parts of kentucky, tennessee, even into portions of mississippi. and the rain should continue through a good part of the weekend. and the thing that's making all of this happen is a frontal boundary that's a slow-moving boundary that's going to bring plenty of rainfall, few embedded thunderstorms, and also a little bit of snowfall in the central great lakes. in terms of the strong thunderstorms, we certainly have some of the strongest ones in parts of kentucky and tennessee. but this morning, a few tornado warnings in parts of south louisiana. they have since expired. but it's certainly not going to be out of the norm to watch more of those develop throughout the rest of the day. and the reasons is due to this frontal boundary with the unstable air mass over parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and even florida. traveling along the i-10 corridor, perhaps all the way over to houston. be prepared you're going to run
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into rough weather. in terms of high temperatures for the day, pretty comfortable. 61 in memphis, 80 in tampa, 55 in new york, 48 in salt lake city, and 70 in los angeles. that's a wrap on your forecast. back to you, randi. the odds, some would say off the wall of behavior of moammar gadhafi is still providing plenty of inspiration for late night comedians. here's jay leno last night. >> after closing the u.s. embassy in libya, the obama administration put a freeze on the assets of moammar gadhafi. and now gadhafi doing whatever he can make money. to raise funds. here, i saw this today. take a look. >> hi, this is moammar for shamwow. this is for your house, your car, your camel. it holds 20 times its weight in liquid. you getting this, camera guy? the only thing it won't clean up is corruption in your government. you must call now because i'm
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only here for a limited time. >> very, very funny. well, it is a law that could help change your child's life. new rules on booster seats that you need to know about, plus this. ♪ before there was line dancing, america was hooked on the dosie doe. now square dancing could be a dying art. well-being.
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we have some breaking news right now. we want to take you straight to cnn's ben wedeman. he joins us on the phone where he just witnessed a helicopter attack on rebel forces. ben, can you tell us what you saw? >> reporter: yeah, we saw this helicopter, an old soviet helicopter hovering above the road to tripoli about seven miles to the west of ras lanuf. opened fire with the rockets. huge explosion, huge bang. not clear what they hit. but we did see an ambulance -- two ambulances rushing toward the scene. so we can presume there were some sort of casualties. that's not the first air raid of the day. we saw another libyan jet dropping a bomb somewhere in the town of ras lanuf. also earlier in the morning over the city.
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the city does -- despite these air attacks seem to be under the complete control of the rebel forces who gained control of the city overnight affate affair af fairly intense battles. now the rebel forces are only about 100 miles -- 110 miles from the town which is fortified by forces that are loyal to moammar gadhafi, the birthplace of the libyan leader. >> and how if at all possible can these rebels protect themselves against these raids from the sky or against gadhafi's regime and all the toys that they have to attack the rebel forces? >> well, they have a lot of toys of their own. they have anti-aircraft guns, shoulder launch surface to air missiles. of course, the problem with those is they don't appear to
8:18 am
know how to use them. the surface air missiles are supposed to have batteries on them. and none of them appear to have batteries. so they're not very useful. they do have one thing, however, and that is a lot of enthusiasm. they seem determined to push the fight ahead. but speaking to people in this town who are more familiar with the situation, they say it's heavily fortified there and lots of libyan troops in that area. and they believe, also, mercenaries from elsewhere who are helping the libyan government forces. so they may run into something of a road block if they try to approach the city at this point. >> well, ben, i know you had a close call earlier this week at a bomb explosion. so we appreciate you talking with us and stay safe on the road to tripoli. ben wedeman in libya. and back here at home, child car seat laws are getting tougher. a new bill out of the georgia legislature would keep little
8:19 am
ones in a booster chair until they're 8 years old. but which one is right for your child? cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen shows us the option. >> reporter: more and more states are telling parents, you've got to have your child in a car seat until that child turns 8. for example, in georgia, they just passed a law like this. let's take a look. a 6-year-old or 7-year-old will sit in a seat like this, called the booster seat because it literally makes them taller so when you put the seat belt on, it goes here. if they didn't have this seat, the seat belt would probably go here and you could imagine what would happen in an accident. so to go over all the car seats your child needs at various ages, we'll start over here. this is an infant car seat, it goes backwards. from approximately birth to one year, depending upon the size of your child. then they would move on to this toddler car seat. and around age 4 or so, they
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would go to the booster seat. but since children come in all varieties of heights and weights, talk to your doctor about when they should move up to which seat. back to you. so gone are the days of clipping coupons. these days you can get a personalized text as you approach the stores. we'll tell you how to sign up. plus, the seductive dances, the flow of alcohol, that's how brazilians get ready for the christian holy season. we'll tell you how others celebrate the beginning of lent. lap lap
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to these websites, the ones you mentioned. specifically groupon and living social and send in your e-mail and they will send you a daily alert, a daily deal you can buy, customized for your area, for where you live. so it should be local merchants and local vendors that you're able to take advantage of. and it's a way of new discovery. you can find new places, new restaurants, new services that you may not have purchased before, but you may go and try out because many of these deals are over 50% off. >> and it doesn't cost you any money to sign up and do this. you have to buy the coupons, but other than that -- >> great point, randi, it's free to use, free to download the mobile applications, as well. and on the vendor side in many cases it's free for the business to also upload their deal. they'll have to pay a commission for those. but most of these deals have to be 50% or higher. and they're localized to your area. so you really can't miss out. and one quick point to make with living social's website. if you get three of your friends
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to also buy the deal, you can get that deal for free. >> oh. that sounds like an even sweeter deal. >> it is. >> obviously you're saving money, but are the businesses making money? >> yeah, this is a great point. it's hard to kind of tell, right? businesses have been seeing an explosion in the amount of people that come to their store or use their services when they do that digital deal. those deals have fine print like 24 hours, one limit per customer. so they have to use them relatively quickly. so the businesses can see an immediate response. so i do believe that businesses are really liking this. they can focus in on their local area and saves them over costly things like maybe radio advertising that they would have to normally do. >> what about at&t? they're taking this to a whole new level? >> yes, they have a new thing called shop alert. when you're out and about shopping, it will pinpoint where you are.
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say you're out at the mall and you're shopping in atlanta, it will alert you to deals that are happening in the mall on that day that you can take advantage. beautiful idea. >> my husband's going to love that. it's not a problem already. >> this is supposed to save you money, randi, not help you spend more money. >> oh, that's how this works. okay. >> that's how it's supposed to work. >> all right, mario. we'll have to leave it there. love your red sweater today, by the way. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> great to see you. and you can see mario every saturday. join us every saturday at this time to get the latest in technology from mario armstrong. oscar winner natalie portman has suddenly become a topic for the race for president in 2012. and it has absolutely nothing to do with her politics. it's actually because she's pregnant. a possible candidate for the white house seems to have a problem with that. we'll tell you who. place of a fundamental idea. it's where ethel percy andrus found a retired teacher living
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>> i have small kids here. the neighborhood is filled with small kids, you know. and it's like, hey, here in new haven right across the street from it, i've been concerned about this all the time. i've been saying it on tv. >> i'm sure there are probably some cases out there we don't even know exist. and it's great to have him off the street. >> so many people relieved to hear this today. connecticut, u.s. marshals have captured the so-called east coast rapist. aaron thomas was arrested at his home in connecticut. dna evidence links him to 17 rapes in four states. wisconsin's republican governor is upping the ante. scott walker sent letters to the state's 13 public employee unions warning of possible layoffs as early as april. walker says the layoffs could be avoided if 14 senate democrats return to madison to debate a controversial budget bill. filling up that tank is taking a bigger bite out of family budgets across the
8:31 am
country. the average price for a gallon of of unleaded right now, $3.49. one year ago, we were paying $2.70 for that same gallon of gas. in parts of california, it's now $4.09 for a gallon. that's about $75 to fill up. there is some good news on the economy. new jobless numbers showed another drop in the unemployment rate. february's rate, 8.9%. the lowest we've seen in nearly two years. and in libya, we're hearing about the liberation of one city east of tripoli. ras lanuf. protesters there are declaring victory over forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. we are also watching other hot spots in the region. this was the scene in ivory coast. we want to warn you this video has graphic images. it apparently shows demonstrators being fired on by
8:32 am
forces loyal to the self-proclaimed president. u.s. officials say seven women were killed in the attack. in egypt, several protesters were killed by police. you can see the aftermath of those demonstrations right there. disbanding the security force was one of the main demands of protesters last month. protesters out on the street in yemen calling for them to resign. time now for cnn's political update. mike huckabee has been mentioned as a possible republican presidential candidate again in 2012. but he seems to have something else on his mind right now. natalie portman. paul steinhauser joins me from washington. he seems to have a real problem with the oscar-winning actress. >> and his comments have been creating a lot of buzz, randi.
8:33 am
he made them earlier this week. take a listen to what the former arkansas governor and tv host had to say about natalie portman. take a listen. >> one of the things that's troubling is that people see natalie portman or some other hollywood starlet who boasts, hey, look, we're having children. we're not married, but we're having these children and we're doing just fine. but there aren't really a lot of single moms out there making millions of dollars every year for being in a movie. and i think it gives a distorted image that, yes, not everybody hires nannies and care takers and nurses. most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. >> well, as you can imagine, those comments went viral. everybody was talking about them. they were a big topic on cnn and all of the other cable news networks. later yesterday, huckabee's
8:34 am
spokesman put out a statement. he said natalie's an extraordinary actor, very deserving of her oscar. however, contrary to what hollywood media reported, i did not slam or attack natalie portman nor did i criticize the hardworking mothers in our country. he went on to say what he was talking about is how our society here in the united states sometimes glorifies or glamorizes the idea of having kids out of wedlock. that's what he was getting towards. remember, mike huckabee is a southern baptist minister and among his followers, they strongly believe in some of the things he was talking about when he was discussing this issue. some others are saying maybe he was trying to criticize sarah palin, the former alaskan governor who along with huckabee is thinking about running for the white house this time around. maybe he's trying to sell books. this is his new book called "a simple government." and he is right now on a book tour across the country. you get in the headlines, you sell books maybe. >> retail sales go way up. but natalie portman being
8:35 am
pregnant, she certainly wasn't the only one that he was talking about this week. he also had a few interesting comments about the president. >> he's had a very, very busy week and he's been in the headlines. started at the beginning of the week when he said president barack obama grew up in kenya, which is not true. he had to apologize, said he misspoke, that actually the president spent part of his childhood in indonesia. kenya brings up the whole birther issue. some believe the president was not born in hawaii, but born in kenya, which is not true. then, later in the week, listen to this. >> i have said many times publicly that i do think he has a different world view. and i think it's in part molded out of a very different experience most of us grew up going to boy scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled with rotary clubs, not madrassas. >> a reference, of course, to a muslim school. the president did not go to a madrassa, he went to a secular
8:36 am
school. it generates a lot of buzz, but not for the right reasons. >> we can count on the fact he'll probably just keep talking. thank you, paul. charlie sheen's behavior comes with repercussions. first, his show is on hiatus and who knows if it's ever coming back. well, now he's lost custody of twin sons. but for how long? a question this morning for sunny hostin live. plus, take a look at this live picture out of new orleans. the gulf coast bracing for possible heavy storms and tornadoes. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. ♪
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it was a shocking sight last fall. a father had just dropped off his son when a hooded man walked up and shot him at point-blank range. the case made national headlines. and that's just one of the cases we want to talk about this morning with legal analyst sunny hostin. she's from "in session" on our sister network trutv. good morning, sunny.
8:39 am
>> good morning, randi. >> this is a really tough case to even talk about. any parent watching this, very tough to hear about what happened there. but investigators now apparently have the search warrants for phone and e-mail records belonging to the victim's widow, andrea snyderman in this case and the suspect who happens to be her boss. so what do you think investigators are looking for? >> they are looking for whether or not andrea schneiderman was involved in this murder. it really is a fascinating turn of events, randi. they're saying his widow, the deceased's widow and the suspect were in constant communication. they want phone records. some feel it was a hit. but interestingly enough, andrea snyderman used to work with the suspect. he was her boss at ge electric over in marietta, georgia.
8:40 am
and apparently there was some sort of communication. and they attended trips together. and apparently this suspect planned trips for them, planned dinner cruises for them, and so you would imagine many people are suspecting some sort of an affair, although andrea sniderman maintains her innocence. really interesting turn of events. >> we should point out too that she has not been implicated at all in this case. they did go on trips. she actually apparently set up a lunch between her husband and her boss. so the victim and now the suspect back in august just a few months before this. so even they knew each other. >> that's right. and she has said that they were family friends. and certainly, randi, that does make some sense. often times, people that work together spend time off duty with each other. while that in and of itself is not unusual, that in combination
8:41 am
with all of the communications and the trips is somewhat unusual and has raised flags for these investigators. >> and before we're out of time here, i want to get to the other story of the morning, charlie sheen, this on-again-off-again battle custody battle for his children. he had a deal with his soon to be ex-wife brooke mueller. and now apparently he blabbed about it and she said no deal and now they're locked in this custody battle. what does he have to do to get his kids back? >> she's got this temporary restraining order. the judge found that the best interest of the children are met by being with their mother at this point. so he is going to have to prove that the best interest of the children is to spend time with him. given what has gone on in the media, randi, i think that's going to be an uphill battle for charlie sheen. his best bet is to make a deal with his ex-wife. and apparently that deal is off now. so my sense is right now he is not going to get custody of
8:42 am
those children any time soon. >> she too has said she also had that little bit of a substance abuse problem. does it sound like either one of them are going to have an easy way with the court? >> well, certainly it's a balancing test, randi. the judge has to determine what is in the best interest of the children? staying with their mom who is, yes, admittedly getting treatment for drug abuse problems and substance abuse problems? but the keyword is getting treatment or with their father who insists there's nothing wrong with him. i've read the temporary restraining order and it outlines a lot of physical abuse as she alleges and also alleges substance abuse. so unfortunately for charlie sheen at this point, he's going to have to prove those allegations are not true. >> yeah. i think they both have a long road ahead. great to see you as always, have a great saturday. >> thanks. when it's carnival time in brazil and the caribbean, caution and inhibition stay home. but when the music stops, the praying begins.
8:43 am
find out the message behind kar carnivals. plus, labor talks extended for another week. we'll take a look at sports moments that wowed you this week.
8:44 am
welcome back. 44 minutes past the hour. when it comes to partying, brazil is the carnival central of the planet. you've seen the videos. rio really knows how to celebrate. so do trinidad. would you believe that all that hard partying is actually a preparation for one of the holiest periods of the catholic calendar? nadya bilchek joining us to
8:45 am
explain that. >> i didn't realize whether it's mardi gras or carnival in trinidad or brazil is, it means without meat. because it's ash wednesday and the beginning of lent, it's the period you don't have meat. so the celebration in preparation -- >> they're getting it all out of their system. >> exactly. a grand party. and brazil has the largest carnival in the world. and you think it looks like a big celebration, but it's actually very organized. they have these themes. the themes are quite extraordinary. some can be the movies or the origin. but what about this theme? the enchanted island, and dream come to those who dream. look at the exquisite customs, the feathers, the make-up. >> and it's truly a school. >> they can be organized schools, or they can be groups of neighbors who get together and enter the competition. and then it's always led by a
8:46 am
king or queen. but look at the detail and the opulence and the expense that goes into this. >> and the fun. >> and the fun. now you talk about trinidad a. this has a large african influence. in 1833, slaves in trinidad were emancipated and became a greater part of the carnival. so you have calypso music. and once again, this exquisite festivity and dances. and take a look and what you're seeing is the african slave influence here. whatever it is, you look at the origins, it's really a celebration of life. and an opportunity to drink, celebrate, dance, and i didn't know this samba also had its roots in african dance. >> it's quite a party.
8:47 am
>> it is quite a party. and costumes to cost anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. >> really? >> maybe they're all going off to rio. >> okay. >> that would be fun. >> you get the tickets. i'll meet you at the airport. >> exactly. >> dole. deal. do you hear that, angie? get those plane tickets, we're heading to rio. we're on it, she says. that's next weekend. nadia, thanks. some people never get the message, or maybe they just don't care. like this guy just back from a nine-game suspension. here we go again. plus, you've heard the saying 50 is the new 30, right? well, not so fast. the author of "between a rock and a hot place." why 50 is not the new 30. joins us live. there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. it's one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. one a day menopause formula.
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to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm.
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8:50 am
hln sports, ray d'alessio takes us in the zone this morning. and let's start with the nfl. all eyes on a possible lockout. >> and i'll be honest, randi. at this point, i don't see it happening. and the good thing is, the two sides, there's dialogue going. they keep extending the deadline for the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement on thursday night. they extended it 24 hours. yesterday, they met all day. >> they're trying. >> they're trying. so obviously there's some dialogue there. they're making progress when they exited the meetings yesterday. they would not say what the progress was. but the fact they extended this another seven days, the deadline
8:51 am
again next friday at 9:00 p.m. eastern, that's a good sign. >> and it's about more money and a longer season. >> how to split $9 billion in revenue between the owners and the players. there's the owners who want to add two more games to generate more revenue -- >> to the regular game. >> then there's the rookie wage scale. there's so many things to discuss and to frame the parameters of a new collective bargaining agreement. it's not going to happen by next week. and i don't even see it happening really until maybe before the draft, which is april 28th. you know, i think that's the target date that a lot of these owners and players want to get it done before the draft. >> what else you got? >> well, trevor gilly, big tough guy for the new york hockey team, of course. this guy has a permanent dog house in commissioner devon's -- here he was wednesday night, first game back after serving a nine-game suspension for another hit. second period he unloads on minnesota.
8:52 am
now he's been hit with another suspension, this a ten-game suspension. and as a result since he's a two-time offender of the policy, this is going to cost him close to $61,000. this is for a guy who makes $500,000 a year. that's a lot of money, but still $61,000 is a huge chunk of change. >> and he can't play the sport he loves. >> he can't play. but he's got a reputation for being a tough guy. and so this -- you know this kind of -- it comes as no surprise, but it does, the fact it was his first game back after serving a nine-game suspension. >> little extreme. >> speaking of tough guys, we like this next story, as well. a soccer match down in argentina. from what i understand these two teams are arch rivals as it is. but look at this. a soccer match, an all out brawl results in 36 players, randi, being ejected from a game. >> was there anyone left to play? >> that's the new world's record by the way. the previous record was 20 players ejected from a soccer
8:53 am
game back in 1993. but 36 players ejected from this game. one of the head coaches saying he actually feared for his life. he begged the police to lock the players in the locker room so they couldn't get out. >> oh, my. >> just a crazy world of soccer, i guess. >> that's good stuff. >> yeah, crazy world of soccer and then there's carl edwards. this guy has a reputation for being one of the biggest practical jokesters on the nascar series. here he was yesterday, just got done with his qualifying run in vegas. his good friend marcus ambrose decides to give him a little love tap. these guys are good friends. and look at them shaking hands there. >> do you think that was all in good fun? >> yeah. fun. >> we'll have to love it there. good stuff. good video. >> good to be here. >> good to see you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
glad you're with us. welcome back. it was a dance created to bring order out of chaos. settlers gathered for fellowship and to celebrate a week's work. but the dances from each culture were different. so the settlers created one pattern for all and the square dance was born. an american original. it was even part of the nation's educational curriculum. but now the square dance is struggling to survive. >> reporter: many women of the cherokee square, the square dance club in georgia. twice a month for the last seven years, the group has met to, well, dance, but the groups grow smaller each year. >> it was a big group all over georgia at that time. we belonged to a club in marietta.
8:56 am
then we would go to the state convention, and there would be 12,000 people there. now when we go, the it's not hardly 1,000 people. 800 usually. >> reporter: some square dance supporters will tell you the popularity of the art is at a crossroads. a place it's been before. its origins have been traced back to the american pioneers. when the settlers gathered for food and fun on saturday nights after a week of building cabins and toiling the land, they would dance. but the beats were different for the scots, irish, french, and others. so a new common dance was created with steps from all the new americans. groups would be divided into squares and eventually a caller was added to keep everyone in rhythm. as america grew, so did the popularity of the dance. then came the roaring '20s, the
8:57 am
flappers, jazz, jitterbug, and the urbanization of america. the square dance was quickly becoming obsolete. and but for one man, it just might have faded away for good. industrialist henry ford, founder of the ford motor company made it his mission to save what had been reduced to a fad. ford set out to reintroduce square dancing to the country by sponsoring community dances, programs in public schools and colleges nationwide, and in nationally syndicated radio show, featuring legendary dance caller benjamin leavitt. ford wanted the country to have an alternative to the evils of the roaring '20s. today, several u.s. states have designated it as their official state dance. and in 1982, president ronald reagan signed an act making square dancing the country's official national folk dance. then, there was yet another
8:58 am
crossroads. the popularity of line dancing. still, square dancing survived. >> we don't grow in too many young people. i'd say we've got some in their 50s, some in their 40s, but most of us are 60 and above. >> in part two of our look at square dancing, you'll meet some of the new faces of one of the country's oldest art forms and the diversities of the groups may surprise you. that's tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. right here on cnn. is 50 really the new 30? you'll meet a writer who wants to revise the popular saying. hi, dad. we need to talk. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. no, it's not about boys. it's about you. mom and i are worried about your health. yes, you're exercising, eating right, but the doctor said it's not enough. he's concerned about the plaque clogging your arteries.
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9:00 am
oops...i gotta go. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about adding niaspan. fight back. fight plaque. love you, daddy. good morning. the fight for libya intensifies. tear gas attacks give way to gunfire from helicopters. cnn is on that story and the growing refugee catastrophe affecting thousands of desperate libyans. police say they've arrested the so-called east coast rapist. the man who has eluded capture
9:01 am
since the 1990s. who is the prime suspect? and wait until you hear how police actually cracked this case. details are coming up. despite nearly two weeks of protests, wisconsin's governor has had enough. he's making good on his threat to issue layoff notices and thousands of teachers could be out of work in a matter of weeks. it's early and we're on it. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. it's march 15th, i'm randi kaye. we start this morning in libya where anti-government forces are celebrating victory today. these are new pictures today from ras lanuf. rebel fighters say their forces have taken control of that city. it's a strategic oil town in eastern libya. pro-government forces have been firing at rebels from helicopters. our ben wedeman on the ground tells us they are moving on to the city where moammar gadhafi was born. there were also fierce battles in the streets of zawiya, not far from the capital of tripoli,
9:02 am
about 30 miles to the west. government forces have apparently retreated from the city center after shooting it out with protesters. it's a similar story in tripoli. a u.s. official tells cnn that the protesters are well armed and could carry on the fight for some time. and well armed means tanks and anti-aircraft guns. the heavy fighting has forced tens of thousands to flee for the relative safety of the border. many are huddled into tent cities at the tunisian border. ivan watson joins us on the phone. can you set the scene for us? we've been watching these dramatic pictures of the people huddled on the concrete, sleeping there with very little -- with them, no food or money or anything. how many people exactly are we talking about here? >> reporter: well, more than 100,000 people have crossed the libyan/tunisian border alone in the last week and a half. and many of them in very difficult conditions when they cross the border. forced to sleep outside in the middle of dust storms and rain.
9:03 am
depending on what country you come from, some governments then put their refugees, for instance, india and china, put their citizens in hotels. other people are really left to fend for themselves. randi, i'm joined by a filipino engineer who had to flee libya. sir, you had to spend a couple of days sleeping on the floor here in the airport and other places. when was the last time you had a shower? >> last time i had a shower was around four days ago. >> reporter: and who's feeding you right now, sir? >> the tunisian airport employee here. and the people outside. the tunisian people are very hospitable. >> reporter: how did they treat you while you were trying to get out of libya? >> i would say very inhumane.
9:04 am
it's very horrible situation. they took all our belongings, laptops, cell phones, money, and whatever they wanted. >> reporter: why would you give that to them? why would you give your belongings to them? your money even? >> because every time -- their ak-47. we were frightened and, i think, i think there is instruction come from above, from higher tunisians. they're going to take all the gadgets. but what they take -- they took it all. laptops, cell phones, and everything. >> reporter: so, randi, this is a story we've been hearing again and again from the unfortunate people streaming out by the tens of thousands.
9:05 am
and that appears to be a systematic operation on the part of the libyan security forces to rob these refugees of any electronic devices that could show images of some of the atrocities and the human rights abuses that are being committed inside libya today. randi? >> ivan watson reporting for us on the border. thank you, ivan. and in other news, i've got a new picture of congresswoman giffords this morning. it shows the congresswoman meeting with two of her supporters at the january event in tucson shortly before the shooting. she's there with jim and doris tucker. jim tucker one of 13 people wounded in the attack. his wife doris was not injured. the man charged with shooting giffords and others facing a new indictment. added to the charges against the suspect loughner. he's charged with a new count.
9:06 am
he is expected to be arraigned on wednesday. in wisconsin, layoffs could be on the way. governor scott walker sent out warning letters to unions. he says massive layoffs are coming in april if a deal is not reached soon on a new budget. senate democrats are blocking a vote on the governor's contentious budget which would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees. many states are watching how this one plays out as they look for ways to cut their own budgets. an indiana man is suing a local strip club after getting hit in the face by a dancer's stiletto heel. the high-heel shoe flew off her foot while she twirled on the stripper pole. do you think your ideas are worth millions? youtube is offering you a chance to prove it all the way to the bank. it's a story that pays you to watch. yes. plus, buying that special
9:07 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
next hour, we should learn more about yesterday's arrest of a 39-year-old man that they suspect of being the east coast rapist. cnn's susan canadiotti is live this morning.
9:12 am
if this is the right person, how did authorities manage to get this guy after all of these years? >> reporter: well, it's been a long road for authorities, but they think that they have finally nailed the right man largely through dna evidence. it's been a long, intensive investigation and has involved a lot of brave victims who cooperated with police. and it is also a story about numbers. listen to these numbers. 12 rapes and possibly up to 17 allegedly linked to the same man across four states along the east coast, which is why they call him the east coast rapist. from virginia to rhode island. and all over the course of 13 years from 1997 to 2009. the biggest break seemed to come this last week when authorities received new information that led them to create a website, put up electronic billboards with composite sketches of this man. and last night, police explain how they found him. >> in the last few days, the
9:13 am
task force received an anonymous tip from a crime solver's caller as well as they were able to put some information together themselves. and both of these things coincided at the same time and they came up with the name of a suspect that was picked up today in new haven by the u.s. marshals. >> reporter: police are calling the suspect a brazen, cold-blooded rapist. we'll get more details at the top of the hour from people who were part of a task force made up of federal and local police to try to catch this man. back to you, randi. >> susan candiotti for us, thank you. that police news conference begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. meanwhile, let's turn to reynolds wolf who is watching the weather for us this morning. >> absolutely. we're watching a storm system that is stretching from the great lakes clear down to the gulf of mexico bringing rain, sleet, and snowfall. and the snow the forming in parts of the central great lakes where we see the state of michigan, much of this is snowfall. but detroit for the time being, mainly a rain event for now.
9:14 am
right now live to detroit. and you can see a little bit of the city. can't see the top of the building. see the low clouds hanging overhead. later on today, we're expecting those temperatures mainly in the 40s to drop below the freezing point. and with it, the possibility of 1 to 2 inches of snowfall. tomorrow the wind picks up. winds topping 25 to perhaps 30 miles an hour. the other big story south of michigan. we've got flood watches and warnings there in effect. everything you happen to see on the map shaded in green, bright green or a darker green is where you have your flood watches or warnings. includes much of the ohio valley, eastern third of the great lakes, parts of central michigan and down into kentucky, parts of tennessee, and into the mid mississippi valley. the thing making it all happen is the big area of low pressure and the frontal boundary pushing through. minneapolis, high today 26, 40 for billings, and 62 in dallas. that's a quick shot at your
9:15 am
forecast. got a lot more share with you coming up. you're watching "cnn saturday morning." and when you think of wedding dresses, names that come to mind include vera wang, add costco now to the list for those who want glamor on a budget. and this, 50 is the new 30, right? one expert tells us, not so fast. the author of "between a rock and a hot place" why 50 is not the new 30 will join us live to talk about it. this intervention broughtuncer] to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries -- what did he call it... coronary artery disease. that cholesterol medicine he also wants you on -- niaspan? i looked it up online. hey, pete, you waiting for an engraved invitation?
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9:18 am
in health tracker this morning. baby boomers changing the way we think about aging. 50-year-olds used to be considered over the hill.
9:19 am
not today, many in their 50s see themselves like 30-year-olds in how they think, act, and the shape they're in. is 50 the new 30? tracy jackson takes on the debate in her new book called "between a rock and a hot place: why 50 is not the new 30." tracy, thanks for joining us this morning. you say 50 is not the new 30. so why not? >> well, there's a lot of reasons, randi. and one of them is when we start going through at 50 is a very different thing than we do at 30. and when we're 30, we have this whole plan that's been laid out before us. at 50, nobody really tells us what to do. we're left on our own how to get from 50 to 80. i think a lot of people are really confused. life looks really different at this stage. and we look better, we feel better, we have much more energy, but society hasn't always caught up to where we are. >> what is it that you wish someone had told you before you turned 50? >> i wish someone had given me a
9:20 am
plan. i wish someone had said, you know, there's a lot of things are going to change. you need to know where you're going. emotionally, financially, when your kids move out, in terms of work. it's a huge change. and people just don't prepare you. they prepare you when you're 20, but they don't prepare you when you're 50. >> how do you start with a plan like that? >> i think you look at your life and see what's working and what's not. is your career working? does it look like someone's coming up behind you? has your company been downsized? i think everybody should have a plan "b." because most boomers will have to get to 70 at least in the workforce. social security's not going to be there, salaries have been cut. what are you going to do? i think it's a huge, important thing. when your kids move out, you've been a mom for 20 years, how are you going to fill that time? >> i want to talk about these five key tips for an awesome 50 and beyond that are part of your book. the first one you said would be exercise.
9:21 am
>> oh, so important. you've got to really move. so many people in this country. there's 2/3 of america is obese right now. the one thing you can do. if you don't have your health, you can't go anywhere. you can't do anything. this is a time when your body does break down. you can change that. you can work out. if you work out between five and six days a week, you can almost ensure yourself a really good next 20 years. >> that sounds good. >> it's essential. >> and what about another tip you have is make a 30-year plan. what does a 30-year plan look like? >> well, i think -- think about it when you were 20, randi. you had a plan. you had a career plan, you had an emotional plan. you wanted to get married, have children. you really sort of had a blew print. at 50, we don't really do that. so where do you want to be in 30 years? how do you envision the next 30 years of your life playing out? a lot of people just say sort of say, oh, well, now i'm 50, i'm going to retire, life is going to be what it is.
9:22 am
but no, be active. make a plan for yourself, have things to look forward to. where do you want to be in the next 20 to 25 years? >> otherwise you can really get left behind. so you take stock of your life and find an older mentor? why do you think that's a good idea? >> well, i like that because there are people in my life that i look at who are -- i have a couple of women in their 80s and they're acting, working, sbrint. vibrant. and i look to those women and think, yeah, that looks really good. that's something i could do too. i don't think we take enough advantage of the older people who are really active and engaged in the world. and i think it scares people to age. but if they look at people who are actually living really full lives, it's not quite as scary. and i think that's why we do this whole 30 thing. >> it's so true when i see an older woman who is well-dressed, taking care of herself, she's
9:23 am
fit. it's very inspiring. we'll have to leave it there, tracy. we're out of time. tracy jackson with her great book. so pick up a copy if you can check it out. tracy, thanks again. >> thank you, it's been great. they're not just for grins anymore. how much can you make posting videos like these on youtube? try six figures. yes, it's true. we'll show you what sells. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. it's one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes.
9:24 am
one a day menopause formula. basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. if you're looking for a wedding dress, look no further than your local costco. yes, they have launched a new wedding line by designer kirstie kelly. as you can expect, people are on both sides of the aisle on this one. >> getting your wedding cake there or your flowers to save money is one thing, but your dress? >> i don't know, they sell coffins online, so why not wedding dresses? >> special dressing rooms have
9:25 am
been built in costco stores for the pilot program. prices range from $700 to about $2,000 for a wedding dress from costco. youtube is a guilty pleasure for millions of people. and now some of those videos you've been watching are making big bucks for people. cnn's jason carroll tells us exactly how it's done. >> reporter: whether it's david after the dentist or cats, youtube is not only a place for laughs, some are now laughing all the way to the bank. >> they're making more than six figures a year making very, very funny videos for youtube, educational videos, how-to videos, and the program is growing and growing. >> what's growing is youtube's partner program. here's how it works. if creators of popular videos like this one -- >> two -- >> reporter: shows viewers how to crotchet allow ads to appear alongside, youtube splits the ad
9:26 am
revenue with the creator. michelle is making thousands showing women how to apply make-up. rob is doing the same instructing on origami. so far 15,000 people worldwide are in the partner program. estimate hundreds are making six figures or more a year. thousands are making about $1,000 per month, and a few are pulling in more than $1 million per year. when you look at the odds of making the real money, what are the odds here that we're really talking about? >> okay. they're pretty slim. let's be frank. i wouldn't encourage anybody to quit their job and start uploading videos on youtube. >> reporter: actually emily kim did quit her job at a non-profit after making enough money in the program with her korean cooking tips. >> there's my hand, see. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, new york.
9:27 am
all you have to do is say charlie sheen and you have people's attention. he's become somewhat of a freak show. the self-proclaimed warloc's next move might surprise you, though.
9:28 am
9:29 am
checking top stories in libya. we've been getting reports within the past couple of hours of more battles and helicopters attacking rebel positions in eastern libya. fighting enters their 19th day. president obama calling for moammar gadhafi to step aside. that advice is not being heeded. a new haven, connecticut, police conference is set to begin where we expect to learn more about friday's arrest of the so-called east coast rapist. he's described as a 39-year-old truck driver. police say his dna links him to a string of sexual assaults that span four states since the late s.


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